About the city

Hamburg is a large City (1 Mln households) which has implemented a separate household biowaste collection since 1994.
0 Mln

houseolds in the city generating different waste streams

0 .000 Tons

tons per year of capacity of biogas and composting plant for waste treatment

0 .000 Tons

tons of organic and green waste into high-quality compost and biogas.


  • Too much biowaste mixed in residual waste


  • Disproportion between garden waste and kitchen-waste


  • Good separation levels not yet achieved


  • Contamination of biowaste with (bio)plastics and residual waste, especially in underground collection systems

Potential solutions
(biowaste collection)

  • Dispenser of paper-biowaste-bags at underground collection systems


  • Demonstrating the “cycle of biowaste” and its benefits in local quarter


  • Training of multipliers for correct waste separation (e.g. care takers from housing agencies)


  • Improving waste disposal areas and making them more appealing


  • Information campaign in local quarter